The association President keeps the membership up to date through this web site and other communications, many of which are archived here on this web site. Between times, though, things can happen quickly.  This page is a good place to keep up with the very latest developments, be they with the Medway River Salmon Association activities or with other events that affect our interests.   Here then is the latest.

Posted November 10, 2017
The minutes of the last general meeting on October 10, 2017, are now posted here.  The next general membership meeting is scheduled for Wednesday  24 January, 2018, at Mill Village Fire Hall.
Meeting commences at 7:00 pm.  There will be an election of officers.  All are welcome.  Click here for the agenda.

Posted September 11, 2017

Six members of the Medway River Salmon Association (MRSA) met 4 June 2017 for our third consecutive cleanup along the Medway River at Riverdale.

While trying to out run the uninvited guest of mosquitoes, blackflies and ticks, Cindy, Dell, Michael F., Horace, Jo-Ann and Brian spent just over 2 hours covering 9 kms of road.  We collected 16 bags of garbage and 2 bags of recyclables. Among the regular items collected, ie, coffee cups and fast food containers, we collected such treasures as: a wheelbarrow without a wheel, a small nitrogen tank, a broom vacuum, sneakers and one sock!

MRSA had installed 5 garbage receptacles along the Riverdale Road. We are very pleased to report that these receptacles are being used! We would like to commend those travelers who have taken the time to stop at these sites to dispose of their garbage. Thank you!

As a reward for a job well done we met for a bbq and conversation…thank you to our hosts Cindy and Dell! 


                                                                                 Brian, Dell and Cindy

Posted May 26, 2017
The minutes of the general meeting held on Aptil 26, 2017, are nopw available on the Membership page.

Posted May 26, 2017
The planned Annual Dinner of 7 May was postponed until the fall. I will keep you posted as to the new date.  Again this year membership will be hosting the River Road clean up. Date: 4 June 2017, meet at 9:00am Charleston Fire Hall. BBQ to follow.  Looking forward to seeing you on 4 June!
Yours in stewardship

Posted April 30, 2017
Hi Folks...just wanted to bring membership up to date on a couple of items from the meeting on April 26.

  • The planned Annual Dinner of 7 May has been postponed until the fall. I will keep you posted as to the new date.
  • Again this year membership will be hosting the River Road clean up. Date: 4 June 2017, meet at 9:00am Charleston Fire Hall. BBQ to follow.
Looking forward to seeing you on 4 June!
Yours in stewardship

Posted April 6, 2017
Hi Folks...The next meeting is scheduled for 26 April 17, 7:00 Charleston Fire Hall.   Available, for sale, at the next meeting will be:
golf shirts
 All pieces have the MRSA logo! All at reasonable prices!   Don't forget that plans are moving ahead for the Annual Dinner on 7 May, 2017, at the Charleston Fire Hall.
Yours in Stewardship

Posted March 31, 2017
The minutes of the January 31, 2017, general meeting are now published on the Archives page. 

Posted October 17, 2016

Throughout the summer members of Medway River Salmon Association (MRSA) and owners/staff at The Port Grocer had been promoting the sale of tickets on a circa 1960 cedar canoe, rebuilt by Billy Stevens.
Canoe Draw
Pictured are Michael Fralic, President MRSA, Billy Stevens, MRSA member and rebuild craftsman, along with Phil Melanson and Annabelle Singleton, owners, The Port Grocer, drawing and announcing JanRofihe as the winner.
MRSA would like to express our appreciation for the effort The Port Grocer staff and owners extended in support of the Association.
Thank you to all those who purchased tickets!

Posted October 3, 2016

Hi is quite evident we did not have a meeting as planned in September. Due to the suggestion from most members there will be no meeting in Oct. or Nov.   
The next meeting will be 20 December at the Charleston Fire Hall, @ 7:00.   Come join us for coffee and a Christmas treat.
Tickets sales for the canoe are going well. If you haven't purchased your's yet drop in at The Port Grocer before 10 October and write your name on a book or twol
You can't win if you're not in!
The Annual General Meeting and Membership renewal will be held in January.   See you in December.

Posted June 29, 2016
The Queens County Advance reported on this year's MRSA roadside clean-up campaign.  Click here to see the article.

Posted June 15, 2016
The minutes of the May 31, 2016, general meeting are now posted on our Membership page for the information of all members.

Posted June 10, 2016
Billy Steven accepted an enviable challenge way back in 2012 to rebuild a canoe.

Canoe 1

The 14’ Chestnut canoe was purchased new in 1968. When new it was canvas. Today it has been reborn as a lovely canoe that has cedar planking and brass tacks with an epoxy finish. The seats have been re-crafted from oak.

Canoe 2
The rebuild has been a labour of love, involving many hours of work. Billy estimated the hours of work to rebuild, from start to finish, at around 300 over a 3 years period.  Billy was elated to share with his grandson, Able Stevens, his knowledge of the craft, as well as getting Able involved in the ‘hands on’ construction during many of those hours. Billy’s brother, Jimmy, lent a hand, as well as MRSA member Brian Holden.

Canoe 3

Using cedar, brass tacks and epoxy to finish the canoe brought the cost of materials to $700.00.
Billy is happy to see the conclusion to this project and is looking forward to ‘taking back’ his workshop so he can more on to more projects.
MRSA is very appreciative of the direction and workmanship that Billy has provided to see the rebuild through to completion!  The canoe will be a grand addition to a canoe collection or as a first and only canoe.

Canoe 4

MRSA would like to invite any persons interested in purchasing the canoe to contact us at
MRSA has set the purchase price at $2,000.00

Posted May 30, 2016
The following letter was sent to all MRSA members by association president Michael Fralic.

Hi Fellow Members of MRSA

Please allow me the opportunity to introduce myself as the incoming President of the Medway River Salmon Association (MRSA).

A little bit about me and my commitment to MRSA:

I have lived in Queens County most of my life, other than the few years required for my post secondary education and starting my career. I was happy to be able work my way back to Queens, where I had spent 16 years working, as a professional accountant, with BDO (was Raymond Winfield), and am presently with Belliveau Veinotte Chartered Accountants.

My wife, Glenda, and I have raised our two adult children in Beach Meadows.

I have a lifelong passion for fishing, and spent many an hour with my grandfather and father after trout and later Atlantic Salmon.

I joined the MRSA in 2013, becoming vice-president in 2014. I supported the ongoing work the Association was involved with and wanted to do my part in trying to help the Atlantic salmon recover on the Medway River.

Through MRSA I became involved  - along with many other hard working parties, in trying to save the DFO Biodiversity Facility from closure, aka DFO Mersey River Salmon Hatchery. This was a hard fought 15 month endeavor; unfortunately we did not succeed in keeping the facility up and running.
With the encouragement of your tireless past president Horace Macpherson - I have taken on the position as President of MRSA in order to continue the efforts to preserve and enhance the recovery of Atlantic Salmon on the Medway River.

I am dedicated to see that the work necessary to make the Medway River a great brook and sea trout river continues for our grandchildren.

I hope you will join the MRSA again this year. As well, I would like you to share your thoughts and ideas with me. Past the word to everyone who will listen - the more members the better

In closing, I feel a renewal of hope since we have changed our Federal government - early indications are - they are willing to listen. That is a start! We have to show them that we have sounds ideas and commitment to our cause.

Thank You!
I Remain,
Michael Fralic


Membership in the MRSA is a perfect way to express your passion and support. Our volunteers are involved in several projects on the river that need your financial support. Liming, water testing, road side clean-up and trout and salmon habitat restoration are just a few of the projects ongoing.

Membership applications:

Yearly Youth Membership (under 16) ………$   5.00
Yearly Adult Membership ………………………...$ 10.00
Individual Life Membership ………………………$200.00
Corporate Membership …………………………….$100.00

Your membership and support will help for today and into the future.

Yours in Stewardship,

Michael Fralic
President, MRSA

Posted May 14, 2016
There will be a General Meeting of the Medway River Salmon Association:  Tuesday 31 May 2016, 7:00 pm.  Charleston Fire Hall. 

Posted February 29, 2016
Due to circumstances MRSA Executive had to make the decision to change the date of the Annual Fundraising Dinner from May 1, 2016, to late summer/early fall.   The new date will be discussed and set during the May 31, 2016, meeting.   See you there.
Jo-Ann Holden