Fish Friends

In 2009/10 the Medway River Salmon Association, in conjunction with the Atlantic Salmon Federation and the Greenfield Elementary School partnered in our first Fish Friends project.

In the late spring of 09 a meeting between ourselves and school staff was held to determine interest in the project. Once the green light was given we passed a motion to fund the project and set out to secure “eggs” for the project. Based on the great tradition in Greenfield it only made sense to go forward with salmon eggs. After long discussions Fisheries and Oceans Canada they agreed to breed one male and one female at the Mersey Biodiversity Facility.

The “eyed” eggs were taken to the school in early March by DFO and placed in the aquarium, after discussions with the students, by Lewis Hinks, ASF Regional Director.

The students released the fry into the Medway River at the end of the school year in June, 2010.  Many thanks to Marsha Freeman and staff for making this a successful venture.  Shown below are the students doing their bit at the river.

Since that time, Fish Friends has become a highly acclaimed school program that gives both children and adults the opportunity to experience raising and exploring the world of  wild salmon, a species that needs clean rivers and streams. The Medway River Salmon Association, along with the Mersey Biodiversity Facility staff, have helped set up aquariums in the Queens county area such as Mill Village, Greenfield, Caledonia, Wildcat, and the Liverpool Jr. High.

On March 5, 2012, live wild salmon eggs were delivered to the schools. As you can see in the pictures below, the students took a keen interest in what was going on.  Over the ensuing weeks, as in past years, they will watch the eggs grow and then hatch.  Later, they will see them returned to the wild, thus creating a very personal bond between the students and the natural world.  This program also raises awareness for the student and adult about the need to care for our natural environment.