Roadside Clean-Up

On a bright Sunday morning in June eleven members from the Medway River Salmon Association (MRSA) met early to participate in a road side clean up from Charleston to (near) Bangs Falls, approximately 16 km’s. The road was sectioned into km’s and teams pick ‘their’ section to be cleaned.

This was the second year MRSA coordinated and participated in the cleanup. With Nova Scotia Adopt-A-Highway permit, vests and garbage bags we set out. We are happy to report, that after the 2014 cleanup – which produced a major yield of trash – 2015‘s yield, although significant, was less than 2014.

After the cleanup, members regrouped at Charleston Fire Hall to discuss the yield of garbage. With tongue in cheek we wondered who was using a deep fryer along the road and why did they leave the fryer behind (perhaps they burned the fries!); we questioned how the snow mobile got where it was going after leaving one ski in the ditch; we wondered if someone had abandoned a cleanup attempt and just left the garbage can in the ditch; as for the propane tank, culvert coupling, tennis balls and pieces of pipe we decided to leave those for another day’s speculation.

One team rather enjoyed two finds along the road. The first was a 90 year old gentleman enjoying the river bank on such a lovely day. As the team walk along the gentleman stopped them and ask what was going on. It was explained that the members of MRSA had organized the cleanup. The gentleman looked a little surprised then immediately raised his hand to shake hands with the members saying, ‘thank you very much, you’re doing a good thing and I appreciate it.’ The second find was a paper bag full of freshly cut lilacs. The members conjured up a couple of scenarios as to why the bag of lilacs had been disposed of in such a manner. Could the lilacs have been picked for a special girl but the young fellow lost his nerve to give hera bouquet of fresh posies? Could the young girl have said she did not like lilacs? Unlikely! Or could there have been a bee in the bag? Speculation is endless! In any event they were the best find of the day according to the story teller!

MRSA would like to express our appreciation to the Mill Village Fire Department (Joy and Alfred) for providing traffic control for the members at work. It took the members 3 hours to traverse the road between Charleston and Bangs Falls. Black flies were few and lady slippers were in bloom. A job well done! For those that have driven the River Road and have noticed the green garbage receptacles with ‘MRSA’ on the side and have wondered ‘what does that mean?’ Now you know. The receptacles have been placed along the road, at convenient location, for you – the travelling public.

Dell, Brian and Darren, with traffic monitoring by the Mill Village Fire Department, on a litter clean up quest.